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I'd like to know how to find a blu-ray dvd player that will stream Iphoto pics and Itunes playlists (using DLNA) from my Imac (OS X 10.6.8).

I needed a blu-ray dvd player and I thought it would be great to get it with wifi and the ability to stream from my Imac so I wouldn't have to get some external device like apple tv or roku.  I got an LG BP620 which uses Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials, so I installed that application on my Mac and the DVD player does stream from it, but only partially.  I get my Itunes by artist (but only for names A-C) - obviously I would like to not only get all the artists in my Itunes but really want to get the playlists.  I just can't get (or don't know how) to get Nero to share the Itunes playlists (the Itunes Music Library.xml file is greyed out if I try to select it for sharing) or even how to get it to share all the artists.  Furthermore, I can't get Nero to select the Iphoto library (also greyed out), so I don't know how to stream my photos to the DVD player either. 

If anyone can tell me how to use this version of Nero ( to get to my Itunes playlists and Iphoto pics, that would be great.  Or maybe I just need to use something other than Nero (which I've tried reinstalling from the disk and LG website)
.  I tried Plex but couldn't get the DVD player to work with it (later I read a professional review that said Plex doesn't work with this DVD player).  Talking with LG was useless - they only say that Nero doesn't work with a Mac, despite the fact that the LG and Nero manuals both say they do.  Since asking the manufacturers may not be productive, how do you go about finding a good (and under $200) blu-ray DVD player that will efficiently stream Itunes (09, version 8.1.2) and Iphoto (09, version 8.1.2) from my Mac?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), my other computer is a Dell Dimension L500CX running Windows XP