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Been searching and trying things for a while but not having any luck. 


We are a small school and have been using a guest account and a shared folder that has a hierachical structure or teachers, then students for years for our elementary students.  Teachers have their own password protected folders (sharepoints).  However, there is a long standing bug that causes saves to fail under certain conditions when multiple instances of the same user are saving. 

I have not used network logins or networked home folders. So I want students on our mobile cart to start signing in and saving their files in their own folders.  I created my accounts and folders and created a share point for the student folders.  Client computers are bound to the server and DNS is setup correctly. 


I was able, after a lot of trial and error set up networked home directories.  But what I really want is for a network login to not use a full networked home folder but to use the laptop's local enviroment but automatically mount a student specific sharepoint that can share to if they want to. 


I get the shaking login if they use does not have a Home folder setup in the workgroup manager Home tab. I tried to manage the login item preferences on both a user basic but still can't get it to work.  Students can login to the file server manually by clicking on the server and logging in that way after they have logged into to a local client machine.  


Can users do a network login with a networked home folder.  If so, how to I associate the account and the folder? 


Thanks for any guidance on this...



Mac OS Server 10.6, Mac OS X (10.6.8)