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After having difficulty (as it appears many people have) in finding games for our old 1st generation iTouch, I thought it might be helpful to start a discussion that lists the games that work well on the older device.  Ours is being used by our 6 year old son, so my games may be more directed at that age/gender but please add to this discussion to help prevent the searches and frustrations of getting errors due to old operating systems


Here is what we currently have loaded on ours (all were free when we added them, we don't pay for games ):



Sky Burger


Sunday Lawn

TeamUmi Lite

TicTacToe Free


Worldly Wings


Math Ninja



Flick Fishing

Mega Panda

Air Penguin

Thomas Activities

Angry Birds

Aqua Moto Lite


Skee Free


Bounce On Lite

BubbleShooter Free

FGT Lite Version


Lane Splitter

Fastlane Light

Lorax Garden

PBS Kids

Lego 4+


DizzyBee Free

Yellow Fins


Birds'n'Blocks 2

Pets Live

Please post additions that you find!  My son is always wanting new games

iPod touch, 1st Generation
  • perefourras Level 1 Level 1

    Ty man. I will update this if i find some apps, but it's really hard to find 1G games.

  • perefourras Level 1 Level 1

    Animal Soccer World

    Blockclassic Lite

  • moinphyst Level 1 Level 1

    Of the games listed so far, the following are still working as of 01/29/13:

    Animal Soccer World

    Blockclassic Lite

    Tic Tac Toe *

    Yellow Fins

    Bounce On Up

    Math Ninja Lite

    Fruit ABC Free

    Flick Fishing Free

    Air Penguin Lite

    Skee-Ball Free

    Bubble Shooter Free

    doodle jump: hop

    Lego 4+

    DizzyBee Free


    Birds'n'Blocks 2

    Pets Live




    I didn't test the following because they are no longer free:

    Sunday Lawn (99 cents)

    Aqua Moto Racing (99 cents)

    Backbreaker (99 cents)

    Lane Splitter (99 cents)

    Lorax Garden (99 cents)



    I have downloaded and tested the following within the past few days:

    Burger Drop

    IX-Runner Lite

    Hotel Dash

    Angry Birds Seasons (free)

    glow hockey free

    glass tower 2

    pet salon 2

    street chicken

    word monster

    mouse maze

    frog jump

    doodle fit lite


    Other games currently on my device that may or may not still work (if anyone wants to try these and post a list of the ones that are still working, that would be amazing):

    Fruit Ninja

    Temple Run

    Jetpack Joyride

    Lep's World 2

    Word Jigsaw

    Flow Free

    Glass Tower


    Whale Trail

    Ranch Rush

    Burger Island

    Fruit Tycoon


    Burger Queen

    In The Wall

    Mega Jump

    Phase 10

    Word Jewels2


    Wipeout Dash

    7 Words

    Word to word association

    skill game

    whirly word


    one touch draw

    tower bloxx

    chain thought




  • moinphyst Level 1 Level 1

    Games I found today that are working:

    StarCannon Lite

    Ranch Rush 2 Free

  • Summer Poppy Fields Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I have been having the same problem as yourself and came across your post this morning.  After reading all the other reply's I decided to go into the iTunes app store and looked up all FREE kids games.  There is around 80 pages in release date order, so I went to the very last page and worked backwords, dowloading all games released in 2008/9.  As they were released to coicide with the iTouch 1G I thought they would be compatible and indeed they were!  Some of the games have been updated and i found any games updated 2011-2013 would not load onto the iPod, so we are limited to old games, but at least my daughter has some games she can play on.  Hope this helps anyone out there with the same problem.

  • Minimal Jake Level 1 Level 1

    The following apps work on my mother's original Ipod Touch:


    Solitaire ++ (walkthrough Publications)

    Pandora Radio

    Smooth FM 98.1 (Jacobs Media)

  • patriots4life Level 1 Level 1

    tap tap glee

    boot camp

    surviving high school

    battleship free

    2k sports nhl 2k11 lite

    2k sports nhl 2k11 (full version)


    thats all i found so far i am still searching though =D

  • AGERIN-123 Level 1 Level 1

    I found


    3d marble roll


    logo quiz free


    rugby kicks

  • wchior Level 1 Level 1

    I found


    lego duplo zoo

  • wchior Level 1 Level 1

    sorry... not working

  • Tassaggers Level 1 Level 1

    Bio defence still works

  • nerof61 Level 1 Level 1

    I've got:


    Air Hockey Gold

    Billabong Surf Trip Lite

    Blocks FREE

    Dock Studio

    Gutair Free With Songs

    Piano Infinity

    Doodle Army Boot Camp

    Doodle Buddy

    Finger Sprint Free

    The Impossible Game Lite

    Move the Box

    Need For Speed Hot Pursiut Lite

    Need For Speed Undercover

    Paper Toss


    Reckless Racing FREE

    Run! Lite


    Shopping Cart Hero 3

    The Simpsons Arcade

    Skater Nation Free

    SPY Mouse

    Srike Knight



    I will update on new games.

  • moinphyst Level 1 Level 1

    Simon's Cat: Cat Chat (99 cents, but I just downloaded it tonight and it works!)

    Simon's Cat: Purrfect Pitch (free)


    On a side note, I found these accidently by first finding the Simon's Cat youtube videos. They are short animations which are funny and adorable. I'd highly recommend seeking them out if you plan on trying the games

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