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I just got an ipad mini a few days ago, and I was expecting the 10+ hours battery life that Apple and reviews of the mini cite.


I just did a test of my battery life and found that in 10 minutes my battery went from 100% to 95%.  In a second test, it went from 93% to 90%.  At those rates, it would deplete in somewhere between 3 and 5.5 hours. 


Actual use has also indicated that my battery life is very poor.  After using the iPad for web-browsing and updating my iCal calendar for about 2 hours yesterday (Connected to WiFi; I do not have 4G), my battery had dropped by about 40%. 


Additionally, the battery life has been dropping several percentage points if the ipad is left asleep for an hour or more.  Is this usual?


Very frustrated with this, especially since it seems like most people are having no problems with battery life. 


My software is up to date (6.0.2).