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Hello all,

In my finder window under Shared there is a PC icon showing up and it is entitled "nom123456." (I chose those numbers at random) BUt that is all I have to go on; "nom123456" It shows up at all times right below the Epson printer (if the printer is on) This started a couple of months ago and I have no idea what it is. Clicking on it in the finder window shows a beige PC icon, the "nom..." and "Connection Failed. There is a button below the "connection failed" that says "Connect As..." Pressing that gives a small window, " CONNECTION FAILED" and the message :


"The server "nom12345" is available on your computer. Access the volumes locally. But I can find nothing related to it.


Clicking "get info" on it says it is only a PC server. Wife uses a PC at home occasionally ????


Computer has been working normally but I watch a lot of spy movies and wondering what this is?



ANy clues?


iMac G4, MBPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)