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Today I decided to give my laptop a spring clean. I used a slightly wet towel to clean the screen and keyboard. As I was cleaning the laptop it was still on and I was pressing a lot of keys. I then noticed that none of the letters were working. Numbers and symbols still work. This suggests that instead of water damage I must have changed some settings using the keyboard. I then thought that restarting the computer might sort the issue. I've now realised that as the keyboard doesn't work I now can't log into the computer which means I can't get to system preferences to change things back. Is there anyone out there that can help?



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    Just let it dry first before you try anything more. At least 24 hours, even more if you can. If you have a large bag of rice - yes, rice, - put the key board in the bag and leave it over-night. Uncooked rice is an excellent dessicant.