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Ok so here is my problem, I have used iphoto 11 for a couple months and it just goes so slowly on my computer, and i just want to go back to iphoto 09. I have it reinstalled on my computer, but when i open it, it says "You have made changes to your photo library using a newer version of iPhoto. Please quit and use the latest version of iPhoto." I have tried to rebuild my iphoto library through iphoto and through iphoto library manager, still i keep getting the same error message. I have no idea how to get my library back into my old iphoto, also after giving me the error message the only option i have is to quit. Even if i try to open a brand new image in iphoto 09, it will not work. Help please!


If it makes any difference i am running osx10.6.8 and have around 9 thousand pictures in my iphoto library.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    iPhoto Library Manager - http://www.fatcatsoftware.com/iplm/ -  has a great web site with lots of answers - from their FAQ for version 4 (should also work on older version I believe)


    Downgrading a library to an earlier version of iPhoto

    If you have a library from a newer version of iPhoto that you simply want "downgrade" to an older version of iPhoto, the easiest way to do that is with the "Rebuild Library" command. You will want to be running iPhoto Library Manager on the machine that has the older version of iPhoto you want to convert the library to. This will create a new library and import the entire contents of the original library into the new one using the older version of iPhoto. As with any rebuild, there are some items that will not be included (most notably, hidden photos, books, calendars, and slideshows), but if you have none of these items or don't mind losing them in the downgrading process, then this is a decent option for converting a library to an older version.