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Hi.  (This might be re-posted.  Jive seemed to ingest my post, but perhaps it was an illusion as it was just tossed over its shoulder.)


Is there any way to quickly get the lat. and long. coordinates from an Image in Aperture, or (equivalently) quickly open a Google Maps page in a Web browser pinpointing the coordinates?


I tried:

- every menu I could find relating to Places

- copying from the metadata (can't be selected on the Info tab or in List view).

- copying from the Lift & Stamp HUD (similarly can't be selected).


I'm sure I'm missing something dead simple.


Thanks.  May your 2013 Aperturations take you past interesting waypoints.  .

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    Hi Kirby,

    maybe one of my Automator Actions can help, until you have abetter solution:




    This workflow needs to be installed in your user library, "Services" folder and will write selected metadata tags to a textfile.

    To use it,

    • select the images in Aperture's browser,
    • Use Aperture > Services > PrintFullImageInfo


    When the service runs, it will prompt for the name of a textfile.





    You should find something similar to this in the textfile:


    Version Name: P1040669

       Dimensions: 1920x2560

       Image Date: Monday, 6 March 2006Monday 2:10:58 PM

       Keywords: geocoded, iPhoto Original

       Rating: 0, flagged: false, picked: true

       Camera make: Panasonic, camera model: DMC-FZ5

       Focal Length: 11.0mm, Aperture: f/ 5.6, Shutter Speed: 0.0025s

    GPS: Longitude: -78.175, Latitude: 0.0, Altitude: unknown

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    You can also use any view that outputs images in tagged form as pdf:

    • Print them with Metadata
    • Add them to a book with metadata
    • Create a webpage with metadata
    • Export them to the Desktop and open them in GraphicConverter. GC has an option to show the image in Google Earth.



    I tried to  drag the image to the Desktop and open it in Preview. The Inspector (GPS tab) also shows the GPS, but you cannot copy and paste that either