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We have a district of 7 schools. We had about 20-25 Apple TVs in one school and then another; we are up to about 4.5 schools now. Carts of iPads could reliably connect to the ATV and mirror their displays in a given classroom via an AirPlay code without issue. After returning from the holiday break this is what happens now:


in all buildings

with any iOS device iPad 1 or 2, iPhone 4 or 5

iOS 6.x

all ATVs at their latest update of 5.1.1

all devices are on the same wireless network as they always have been


*bring up the AirPlay Menu

*scroll down and select the ATV we want too mirror to

*the AirPlay code will usually show up on the connected projector via the ATV

*the iOS device may or may not give you the prompt to put in the AirPlay code

*If it does give you the prompt and you enter the code, typically the prompt goes away, the code goes away from the ATV and nothing happens, no mirroring

*that ATV will now disappear from the list of AirPlay options from that iDevice, never to be seen again(until you reboot the iDevice or sometimes it will come back by toggling the wifi on and off)


Now if you remove the AirPlay code from the ATV, then things are right as rain, mirroring work like a charm. However we need the code on to prevent kids from ATV-hopping all the live long day. Connecting to ATVs in other rooms or buildings. No thanks. Implementing the AirPlay code was a god-send from Apple. We need it.


Like I said, prior to break this process would work every time, with any iDevice to any ATV in any building by following this routine. Put in the code and mirroring worked.


Has anyone else experienced this or have any words of wisdom? All help is greatly appreciated.

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    I've just implemented about 20 ATV for my school and I am experiencing similar issues. A few of the ATV starts to not recognize the code so I had turn the code off. Wondering if you've found a solution to this.


    Have you tried on-screen code? Does it work well?

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    It's only going to get worse the more ATVs(with on-screen code enabled) you add. The ATVs create too much Bonjour discovery traffic.


    We ended up doing some fancy footwork on the backend of our network. The whole network is segmented in a way that all buildings are no longer on the same subnet. Also, Aruba - our wireless provider, has some sort of Bonjour Gateway product that is keeping everything separated. Where we used to see every ATV from any building. Now we can only see the ATVs in whichever building we are in. We do worry that once any given building goes over 40 ATVs or so, it might all come crashing down again.


    Currently OSC work perfectly. Joining and detaching from ATVs works perfectly. Mirroring works perfectly.

    Whenever there are hiccups usually rebooting the iPad(sometimes the ATV too) takes care of the issue.

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    I'll give the OSC a try.


    We have different subnet in the school for different security reasons. Because ATV sends out bonjour discovery signal only within the same subnet we are not able to make it discoverable on a different subnet unless we reset the ATV.



    Do you know of any third party software that takes and sends the ATV bonjour signal to a different subnet?