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OK, so I've arrived at my TemplateMaker concept/workflow. What I'm doing is typing the initial application design into rich text (with selected fonts, colors, etc) using a special, personal notation language to refer to the main kinds of objects, important elements, and what they are supposed to do, ordered in a kind of indented, HTML-like format.


Then I'm transferring that design into a more xCode-oriented set of variables that includes all the details of the application...classes to instance when, instance variables, initial values, comments, IBActions, declared properties, etc, into one xml file.


Then I'll use a TemplateMaker application to generate the xCode text files from the xml file.


Then I'll open the xCode project with the text file resources and connect them to the views. The core data objects will be created programmatically via the TemplateMaker and using the xml Template file.