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when i finalize a project in finalcut prox or try to export it the final product has aspect ratio type lines on the boarders of the image. also im recording with quick time if that makes a difference. streatching it in final cut would do the trick but then it obvioulsy becomes distorted.

has anybody else run into this problem or found a soulution? any help is appreciated.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    "aspect ratio type lines on the boarders of the image"


    Please post screen shots of what you're talking about. Please also give the exact project properties and the specifications of your media.

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    im not at my workplace at the moment, but the best description i can give you is that there is a black frame around the video, like when you set your tv or something to 16:9 and you get a smaller image in the center of the screen. as far as the media, they are 1440x900 the codecs are H.264 -whatever that means- and they're .mov files.

    not much more i can provide for you at the time, sorry; i dont think its the media, however, because when i watch it in quick time, or any viewer for that mater, prior to rendering in final cut, the boarders are not there.


    the image is just off of google, but the lines are escentially the same thing im dealing with, accept just on the sides in the pic below.


    Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 5.22.38 PM.png

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    FCP only edits in standard video formats, 1440x900 isn't one. When you crested the project or put the video in the project you had to specify the project properties. You can't specify a project with that frame resolution. The result is that you get pillarboxing on the output.


    You can make a custom project size using Motion or a graphics application like Photoshop.

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    thanks for the help 1440x900 was just a default. do you know what a better format would be to record in inorder to maintain the image integrity? i assume just a 1280x720 would work right?

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    1440x900 was a default for what? What's doing the recording? A camera? What camera?


    Yes, 1280x720 is a video standard frame size.