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I have moved a large amount of EXS24 samples from one drive to a folder in another drive and since doing that, I can no longer open any of my third party EXS24 instruments in Logic. Logic instead freezes and I have to force quit. If I open the .exs file with a text editor, I can see that the file paths are still set to the old path "/Volumes/Samples Library", and I need instead for them to now point to "/Volumes/Huge/Samples Library". I also recreated the aliases in /Library/Application Support/Logic/Sample Instruments to point to the new folders.


So having said that, I opened a simple .exs file and used find and replace to change everything to the correct path. After reloading Logic, it still froze up and couldn't find the samples. I also thought a workaround might be to create an alias /Volumes/Samples Library that points to the folder in /Volumes/Huge/Samples Library, but this didn't seem to make any difference either.


From what I gather online, Redmatica's EXS manager will fix this problem, but that software doesn't seem to exist anywhere anymore nor does the Redmatica website, and I'd rather not spend money on something for a problem that should only need to be fixed once.


So does anyone know if there is any other method for recreating the file paths? At this rate I think I'm going to have to repartition my drives again just to recreate "/Volumes/Sample Library" and put everything in there.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)