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I have many clips (1000+) in my event for a travel/destinations style video. I edit many of these on a regular basis, and I am finding it very difficult to keep track of which clips I have already used in my project timeline. Is there a way to set the project browser to display or filter unused clips? Or am I able to set up a smart collection to achieve a similar effect?

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,500 points)

    Afraid not. You could add your voice to feedback as a feature request.

  • allanhm Level 1 (5 points)

    Assign a keyword ('used' for example), and a keyword shortcut and whenever you add a clip to the project timeline assign the keyword....or course if you remove the clip later you need to remember to remove the keyword....


    Its awkward but it will work.

  • andynick Level 5 (4,925 points)

    Press Shift+Cmd+2 to open the Timeline Index - all the clips used in the project are listed there - including effects and roles.


  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,500 points)

    I'm a fan of the timeline index, but not for this. I have a 20 minute interview. Which bites have I used? They all have the same clip name. They're all scattered throughout the project, but I need to see in the master clip, which bites have been used.

  • J_tourism_media Level 1 (5 points)

    I am aware of all the workarounds (thank you everybody), but I still do not undestand why this feature has not been added to the program by now. I guess all we can do is keep requesting until it is included in one of the updates.

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    In FCPX 10.1 you can now use the undocument command (Ctrl-U) to filter the browser to show all unused clips in the currently loaded project, it works great!  It's just the oppisite from the "View Used" clips which show an orange indicator on the portion of the clip that has been used.

  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,260 points)

    If you use the latest 10.1.1 it has View > Show Media Ranges funtion that highlights a clip that HAS been used.

    This at least makes it easier to spot clips that have not been used.



  • C5ELEN Level 1 (5 points)

    If you hit Ctrl-U the browser will display the unsued clips.

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    Sounds good.

    I'll check it out.


    Memory aid: Control - U to Control Unsed clips.



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    So I found this thread.  Sounds like exactly what I want to do.  I have 30 minutes of lacrosse highlights saved in the event library as "Highlights 1".  I pull down 10 minutes of footage to go with my song.  Now I want to pull down another 10 minutes worth but I want just unused clips.  Nothing I used before.  Using FCP 10.0.8.  Any way to do what I want?  Do I need to upgrade?  If so, what issues will that create?

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    You need to upgrade.

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    First off Tom, Wow.  You are the best.  Many thanks.  Maybe I need to find a new tread for this but here goes.  I'm scared to upgrade!!!!  Sitting here with 3 external hard drives all with footage that I will use or have used all ready for parts of my final video.  Reading about upgrades and libraries is frightening.  Could I get get myself in trouble trying to upgrade midstream?  Other thread I should be swithing over to?



  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,500 points)

    It's generally not a good idea to upgrade in mid production. How far is it from completion? If it's a long way off you might consider upgrading careful.


    If you need to zip up a copy of the application should you need to revert to it. Consolidate your media in 10.0.8 and they update, saving your projects and events.