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I want to know IF and HOW to change the login screen name of the Guest User account.  i want the Guest User account to show "Physics Student" at the login screen.


I am running 10.7.5 on 2010 iMacs


I am setting up a computer lab for my school.


for years now, i have been trying to lock down most OS X features such that the students can't change vital settings and thus causing issues for the students who come in later that day.


I have used the Simple Finder with Parental Controls and it has worked OK


However, i have found that by using the Guest User account w/ the Simple Finder and Parental Controls will give me the desired protection that i want.


Today, i have figured out how to customize the Guest User account with particular System Settings and App settings such that when you logout and log back in you get a clean start w/ my specific system settings.(background, application list, application toolbar settings, etc)


To that, I also figured out how to change the login screen image of the Guest User to anything i want (it was a simple change)



Unfortunately, to complete my customization of my Guest User account, i would like to rename the accounts login name (not the official OSs' account name)



Does anyone know how to do this?


please advise


please and thank you

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 , 16 GB RAM