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hello and happy holidays:

i have two question , the first one is my iphone 4 is not ringing and why  the facetime camera is not working, i would like if you can help me with those two question?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Check the mute/vibrate switch on the side of the phone.  Look by th volume buttons and if the button is slid to the rear of the device slide it toward the front and try again.  Second for facetime, provide more details.

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    Is the silent switch on the side of the iphone on?


    Have you tried restart, reset, restore for the camera problem

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    Update to IOS 6 seems to have switched the mute key and volume ringers off completely

    go to. this worked for my Iphone 4





    Assistive touch switch on.


    my iphone on the side is showing mute not on, using the assistive touch ( the white button that appears on your home screen, go to device and swithc the mute key to the opposite. on my phone mute on  (bell with cross through it, opposite to phone), my phone now rings.