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Macbook pro OS X 10.8.2:

If I select safari a window opens and the address bar says "search google or enter an address" with the blue progress bar stretching to the word "or" in the address bar before it stops with no further progress. But the entire page is white. I have tried typing in www.google.com and the blue progress bar reaches to ".com" but never goes any further and the page is still all white.

I did some troubleshooting online and I saw that it was recommended to go to the Go menu select Go to Folder and type ~/Library/Safari/Extensions I did that and the file is not found. So I just typed in ~/Library/Safari and looked for the file but it isn't there. So now I'm stuck.

Please help.

Also I have all my other computers/iPads/iPhones connected to the network and are able to get online. The MacBook Pro is connected to the network.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)