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As it says in the subject, iTunes Match won't upload non-matched songs on my home network. For a while I thought the problem was with iTunes Match itself. And maybe it still is somehow. But I recently discovered the problem only occurs on my own home network. Any time I add a song to iTunes that isn't in the iTunes store, it should upload it. But instead it just loops in failed attempts to upload, always stopping and starting over at step 1. Occasionally I'll get error messages like -9810, but more often it'll just continue to loop for hours on end. I recently took my MBP to a coffee shop and used their wifi and tried it there, and the songs uploaded without any problem at all. I never used to have this issue over the entire year I was using iTunes Match. My only guess as to what might have caused the issue is when we downgraded the speed of our internet. I can't recall for certain whether that was the exact time my issues began, but it's the only possible change I can think of. I've tried rebooting the router, turning iTunes Match and Genius off and on, rebooting the computer, creating a new iTunes Library, all not solving my problem. Any other ideas?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I have the same problem.  iTunes won't somehow upload certain non-matched songs to the cloud and it keeps going in loops.  For awhile, I just deleted those problematic songs from my library but since you say that songs uploaded fine from a different network, maybe I will try that too and see if that resolves the issue.  At any rate, I think there is something wrong on their end.

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    I talked extensively with an Apple Support Tech, and first they had me do all the common trouble shooting. I rebooted my router, my modem, I tried plugging in directly to the modem with ethernet, and nothing helped. Their answer at that point was that it had to be something wrong with my ISP blocking ports needed by iTunes Match. I haven't gotten around to calling Comcast and asking them about it, but it just seems odd that so many people would have the same issue if this were the problem. Unless maybe everyone with the issue is also on Comcast?

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    Hmm, I am also a Comcast customer... but I was able to upload fine before.  I think this issue started very recently....

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    Yup. Same here. Worked fine almost the entire year since Match was introduced. Only started having issues a month or two ago.

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    Same with me. I was able to upload to iTunes Match up to a month or two ago. I'm NOT on Comcast.

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    I'm a comcast user and I have the same problem. Over the last few days, none of my new songs upload. My upload never gets past Step 1 : Gathering information about your iTunes library. Maddening. I don't whether to call Comcast or Apple. I'm really looking forward to those calls. Ugh.

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    There's a longer thread discussing this problem over here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4160355?start=120&tstart=0


    What I posted there is that if I enable QOS on my router and limit my upload bandwidth (I used a cap of 1024 kilobits/second) then iTunes Match stops looping and will successfully upload songs and complete match.


    There aren't any blocked ports, it's really just iTunes being a pig and oversaturating the internet connection to a point of failure.


    Super frustrating, it's been a bug for months. I wish I had a better solution.

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    Holy moly, it worked. Thanks njdoyle! Now we just need to get this to Apple's attention so they fix it!


    Until then, any ideas how we could make it so iTunes is the only app that gets effected by the QOS? I'm using dd-wrt as well and have TCP vegas added on. But I guess that wasn't enough (I actually know little about tcp vegas and how it works).

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    I have the same problem.


    I just burned 5 Tool CD's to iTunes and it won't upload them to the cloud.  I'm not sure if it's becasue Tool isn't on iTunes or what but the songs have that empty cloud on the side that means "waiting"


    Everytime I open iTunes it trys to upload and it's stuck for hours.


    I may just put them on my iPad and iPhone manually and then remove them from iTunes on my PC.