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I found the page where this "hack" was published. It used to work a couple of months ago but it seems to be down at the moment.


I installed the SDK and the Control Panel but it doesn't change anything in the registry.


There was a solution for advertising SMB Shares in Windows. I think it was a DWORD "advertise" an the value "1" but I don't want to mess with the registry without being shure whar I'm doing.


Is there anyone outthere who still rememberes the right registry value?


Thanks for your help!

Bonjour for Windows, Windows 7
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    I placed the DWORD value "Advertise" (no quotes) in

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apple Inc.\Bonjour\Services\SMB

    and set it to the value 1. This seemed to successfully work around the issue I've been having with the NETBIOS names of my home Windows 7 PCs randomly appearing and dropping off of my Mountain Lion finder list. Please note that this setting appears to advertise the computer's description (from Computer Properties), not the computer's NETBIOS name.


    All of the usual disclaimers regarding editing the Windows registry apply here, of course, and your mileage may vary, but I hope this is the answer you were looking for.