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I have got some junk mail in a Mailman list on our OS X Lion Server.


The settings of the list mean that it has popped up in the administrator screen.  See here:


Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 11.00.08.PNG

Trouble is, whatever I do in terms of selecting options (e.g. "discard all messages marked defer") nothing at all happens...


Is there another way to get rid of these messages that doesn't use the web interface?


Thanks in advance for any help avail.

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  • UptimeJeff Level 4 (3,420 points)

    you can do pretty much everything via command-line, here is a summary of commands



    You'll probably be using the discard command:




    you'll find the the commands here /usr/share/mailman/bin



  • Gavin Lawrie Level 2 (395 points)

    Thanks for the pointer.  Useful to know about, but unfortunately not helpful in this case.


    If I try to discard all the held messages in a list using bin/discard from command line nothing happens.  In that the command executes OK, but when I go back to the web interface for the list the messages are still there, and still won't respond to any commands entered via the web interface.


    I've got a sort-of work around for junk messages held (which is most of them), which is to turn on auto-discard of messages held for more than 2 days.  It seems I can change the configuration of Mailman, and non-interactive controls work.  I just can't manunally interact with messages ... however, in one list I've got one held message I want to approve.  I can't see a command line command for doing that in the list, and under current scheme I'd loose the message after 2 days.  I've found a work-around (forwarding the notification email on to list recipients) but it is not ideal.


    Pity.  In theory Mailman should be helpful for what I want to do (have a single inbound mailbox in Lion that forwards inbound messages to multiple mail users), but suspect I'll have to engineer some other solution - such as creating a user for each mailbox and then putting some rules into mail processing to auto-forward everything as required.  Probably sensible, as I understand Mailman is dropped in 10.8 server ...