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Peter R. Level 4 (1,190 points)

I'm writing an essay with lots of footnotes etc.


Is there any way to refer to a footnote in a later footnote in a way that the reference changes automatically with the original footnote?


Let's say, footnote 28 is "Isaacson, Steve Jobs, p.287". Then I go on writing, and after 30 pages I want to write "see footnote 28". This will be correct as long as fn. 28 remains 28. But when I insert one or two footnotes above, 28 will turn to 29 or 30, and the  reference "see fn. 28" will be wrong.


Is there any way to prevent this?



Thanks a lot in advance!




  • fruhulda Level 6 (15,120 points)

    If you need a more sophisticated foot note reference I think you should try EndNotes X. They let you have a trial period. endnote.com

    Endnote integrates with Pages and will have an option in the Insert menu.

  • victoryhat Level 3 (665 points)

    What I do is place the cursor where I want to duplicate the footnote and add a superscript.  Choose format>font>baseline>superscript (you can also customize the pages tool bar to add the super/sub script buttons by control clicking on the toolbar and choosing 'customize toolbar')


    The problem with this is that in the document, the superscript is not linked to the footnote. While in the Pages document if you double click on a footnote in the text you will be taken to the bottom of the page to the footnote.  But if you are just printing out the document this should not mater.