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I trying to upload my book with itunes producer, but the system wtite me:

Error ITMS-4171 the publication preview in this asset contains versioning info.


What means?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hey There,

    It seems that the xxx.opf file in the publication preview is containing the versioning info.


    Please try this.


    The xxx.opf file in filename.epub must have a line which looks like


    <meta property="ibooks:version">3.0</meta>


    Remove that line, save the file, rebuild the package and deliver.



    Mohammad Shah Nawaz

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    Hi Mohammad. Thank you for the answer.

    Sorry but i don't have "filename.epub" or OPF.


    I have only 1 origin file "namebook.iba", created with IBOOK AUTHOR;

    1 file "namebook.ibooks" extracted from the program IBOOK AUTHOR;


    I open Itunes producer and i do the procedure to load the file "namebook.ibooks" in itunes producer.


    Where is this LINE? : <meta property="ibooks:version">3.0</meta>




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    Ohh I see. I thought that you are getting this error in an epub. Nevermind. You can try following steps when exporting a preview of the book.


    1. With the book open, choose Share > Export, and click iBooks.
    2. Choose Standard Book for iBooks from the Export As pop-up menu.

    3. If you want, type a book version number in the Version Number field.
    4. (DON'T put any version number here. I think this is causing the problem)

    5. Click Next.
    6. Type a name for the book, choose a place to save it, and click Export.
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    Thank you Mohammad Shah Nawaz. It seems that my ibook is on itunes.

    How many time I have to wait to see the book online?

  • s4shanonly Level 1 (35 points)

    It took my book to go live within 3 days after it got successfully imported by Apple. Did you check whether Apple successfully imported your uploaded book? You can check it by going in iTunes Producer, Window > Lookup Status ... then enter Vendor Id/ISBN... and make sure that it says "Imported"


    Good Luck with the Book

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    Thank you for your answer. Now i’m looking that my book is online in itunes connect.

    You can download it:




    But i’m reading that my book is available for download on iPad with iBooks or on computer with iTunes. I have ibooks application in my iphone. Can i download it?


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    You can't download it on your iPhone since you made it an iPad ONLY compatible.