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Hi there,

I want to "Put Back" a folder in the Trash from my paritioned drive external drive. I believe the folder was put in the Trash by the XHDD automatically. The drive easily has enough free space.


Go to Trash > Control click on Folder > Put Back ...and nothing happens


One idea I have why this may  is it: When I press Cmd+I and Get Info up on the Folder in the Trash, I am told its from the parition named "Back Disk [Time Machine]" which unsurpirsingly is I use exculsively for Time Machine backups. But I am quite sure this Folder "Storage Disk" partition. There is no file of the same name on my internal hard drive for TM backup.


It is worth mentioning that regardless of what needs to be to remove the Folder from the Trash I want it to end up on the "Storage Disk" for safe keeping


Any suggestions?




All help much appreciated

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)