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I did Google and try to get it working at home - but I can't get it to work. I want to be able to walk in my house without my iPhone/iPad loosing the Wi-Fi signal because now there is downstairs and a upstairs wi-fi network.


So the thing I want is.. I got a Airport Express on the ground floor which is for my Wi-Fi network there.

On my 2nd floor I want my Time Capsule to extend this network - so that my iPhone picks that Wi-Fi up straight away. Now when I am upstairs my iPhone is still connected to the wi-fi from downstairs (which it can't reach) and so I am not connected. Which results in me having to manually switch to the upstairs network..


My question : Is it possible to setup a Wi-Fi network downstairs and have my Time Capsule repeat it (so not a new network) for upstairs use?


Hope someone can help me and this is possible!


Thnx in advance!

Airport Express and Time Machine, iOS 6.0.1