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Whenever I have to add a contact from the "Recent calls received, made or missed OR Messages" , I tap either "Create New Contact" or "Add to an existing contact." This lands me on a the add contact page. The problem is when I choose "Create New Contact."  When I am CREATING NEW CONTACT from RECENTS or MESSAGES, I do not get the option to add it in a group. Actually it gets saved in the "All Contacts." Then I have to use ABContacts or other apps to send it to the destined group.


This seems to have been overlooked or it may be because iphone does not come with inbuilt grouping system. You have o use other apps or the computer to create groups.


But if the iphone accepts and finally displays groups then the software is certainly accordingly coded and has required data base. Then why should it not diplay groups when a new contact is added as aforementioned.


Would appreciate if all iphones can be updated to plug tis hole.

iPhone 5