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I have read that Apple are not updating the 3G's  -  mine is ios 4.2.1 and all my apps need updating to ios 4.3!!! It's not as if I can go out and purchase a new one  -  this one given to me from myson!!


Is this an IOS prob that the apps will no longer work? The WiF suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason and now the apps aren't working?

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2
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    Try posting in the iPhone forum.

    Yes, Apple aren't updating the iPhone 3Gs beyond iOS 4. If you can't join your WiFi network try forgetting your WiFi network (Settings>WiFi>Blue circle with white arrow>Forget this Network) and rejoining it. If you can't see a WiFi network at all the WiFi chip is probably dead. In that case it's time for a repair, or probably an upgrade.