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My IP5 intermittently locks up (frozen screen) when the charger cord is plugged in and the battery is charged to 100%.  At least, that's the only time I've noticed it.  As soon as I remove the charger cord, it works normally again.  Anyone else have this problem?  I'm wondering if this is a bug that Apple will have to address?

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    This can occur with faulty charger. Use supplied Apple Charger. If this is the faulty charger, make Genius reservation and take iPhone, charger, and Lightning Cable to Apple for resolution.

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    Thanks, I'll try another charger.  Occasionally I've been using the 12V iPad charger for faster charging, but this morning when it locked up, it was on a standard 5V Apple charger.


    In my original post above I probably should have mentioned I've also notice the screen "jiggling" a bit when plugged into a charger AND using apps at the same time.