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Hello, I've already posted before and nobody has responded. Let me ask one of the questions I could really use answered and hopefully people can help. So I am having a major HD issue and disk utility (booting from the install disk, can't even get past grey screen with apple logo and spinning wheel) says I have a verify or repair failure: Invalid Node structure. I have tried PRAM/NVRAM reset, Verbose, and safe mode, to no avail. I just would like to know if this Super Duper HD copying program will allow me to make a copy of my HD and save the info, then I'll just whip the disk and start new. I am having a hard time understanding how it can work unless your computer is working itself, which mine is not. How can I download the program if I can't even use my computer? How can I load it up on my computer if it does't even work? All I want to do is get a copy of my HD's contents or even specific files onto my backup drive, but I can't figure it out. I've already tried Restore on Disk Utility from the install disk, but has varying levels of not working. Sometimes my Macintosh HD is greyed out and won't even let me add it to the boxes on the right to make a copy, other times it does, but then won't let me add the destination drive (my backup drive). This whole thing is just killing me. I just got a backup drive for a christmas present and was going to backup everything, but then my Macbook went on the fritz. All I want to do is make a backup of my HD anyway I can. After that, I don't care, but I need my stuff. Any help would be appreciated in advance, thank you.


Here is the link to the original question that has 0 replies if you need more background.