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Aperture 3.2.4 has been installed from the DVD onto the iMac.  I’ve attempted to install onto the MacBook Air using the iMac hard drive, one attempt appeared to work, but screen message indicated “failed to install”.


On subsequent attempts using the iMac HD as a remote disk, the MacBook Air screen shows only the remote disk Aperture icon and the iMac HD icon.  Running the install process on the MBA shows only two options for installation, the iMac HD and the Aperture DVD, but not the MacBook Air.


I also have an adapter for the MBA to connect an ethernet cable directly to the iMac.  What do you recommend?




J. Neff


Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    During the install process on the MacBook Air from my iMac, Aperture asked where to install, showing only two options, the Mac Hard Drive or the Aperture install CD.


    The hard drive icon showing on the MacBook Air was labeled "Mac Hard Drive"; I assumed that it was the iMac drive, but both were named the same.  As soon a I renamed both drives, the selection options were correct.


    Sometimes things are not ad obvious as they seem!


    J. Neff