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In what scenerio does one need to purchase mac mini server instead of the regular mac mini?

Mac mini, OS X Server
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    Your question is a bit like asking "where is the best place to live?" You'll get plenty of opinions and still be none the wiser. Ultimately as with a lot of things only you will really know. What scenario were you thinking of exactly?


    If you can't think of one this may be a good place to start?




    The first part of this page is a good indication of possibly some general scenarios you may find helpful?


    "Just like that, your Mac is a powerful server. The new OS X Server brings even more power to your business, home office, or school . . ."


    More here:




    So if you've got a business, home office or working in a school then maybe OS X Server is for you? A word of warning. Apple's marketing states:


    "OS X Server is perfect . . . it's so easy to set up, who needs an IT department?


    Is not IMHO strictly true. You need to bring to the table a set of skills and knowledge, not easily understood to the lay or even experienced user, before you even start. Others may hopefully offer their opinions but these are my 2p FWIW.


    Finally you don't need any specific hardware to run OS X Server. OS X Server is a cheap download available from the App Store and can turn any mac compatible hardware into an OS X Server.





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    hi, tks for the reply..


    I wld like to link up 2 Mac for office use. The program I wish to run is inFlow Inventory. And I wld like to buy 2 license and run  in "Multi-User Mode" which I think means 2 users( one Client, one Server) can share the same database (from Server).


    I am confuse if I were to need to purchase d Mac Mini Server or I can use my existing 2011 iMac to connect.


    The problem is, I do not know what exactly is the function of a Server and if I can use a normal Mac and convert it into a "Server" just like that or I need to but an OS Server license for my iMac before I can convert it into a Server..

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    inFlow Inventory appears to be a Windows application with nothing - as far as I can see - that looks like it's supported on the mac platform.


    With respect, maybe you should be asking the developers rather than posting here?