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Should I install McAFee security suite on my iMac?

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    You don't need any antivirus on your computer. See > http://www.reedcorner.net/mmg If after all, you want to use one (although it's useless), we recommend only Sophos and ClamXav

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    jimjameast wrote:


    Should I install McAFee security suite on my iMac?

    Since you say you are using a PPC Mac, then you must be running an older version of OS X which is not fully protected against all the Mac malware that is currently out there. In your case there isn't very much as most of the latest have been Intel only, but there are a couple that could impact you. The latest have been using a vulnerability in Java that cannot be patched for you, so you need to make certain that you have Java (not JavaScript) disabled in all your browsers except for any short periods where you have to have it to use a web site. There aren't very many of these left around, but some financial institutions still use it.


    So my advice would be to consider using some sort of A-V product if you feel more comfortable after reading Thomas Reeds article. It depends on your computing habits and knowing when not to enter your admin password. If you use something like McAfee, it will almost certainly slow a PPC computer. Others, not so much.


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    Macafee is pretty useless, and almost impossible to uninstall. It's a lifetime commitment to an utterly useless piece of software. And it will slow down your computer - that's the product's way of telling you it's at work.

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    It's a Mac!! Who needs anti virus software!?!?!?