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I have a iPod generation4 it does not seem to work with my Bose docking station, is there an adaptor I can buy? No one in the Bose or apple stores in al khobar Saudi Arabia seems to know about this problem

iPod touch
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    - Does the manufacturer say it will work with the 4G iPod and iOS on the iPod?

    - The configuration of the 4G iPod is different than previous iPods and on some docks the 4G does not fully seat in the dock.

    - Does it charge?

    - No adopters.

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    the docking station was purchased previously and teh store said that the 4G would work on it hence we did not go to 5G as it required an adapter

    no it does not charge

    why are there noi adaptors if apple has changed the configuration? thanks Apple

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    Just saying an iPod work with the 4G iPod does not mean that it will work with all the different iOS  for the iPod. Sometimes an iOS update will beak compatibility.

    Is the iPod fully seated in the dock?

    Sometimes this works:

    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost

    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at

    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    - Reset all settings

    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.

    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.

    - Restore from backup. See:       

    iOS: How to back up           

    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.

    -  Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.

    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar