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I notice in the New Itunes, all of my songs are duplicated and some of them three times. I can't seem to clean up the duplicates like you could in the old itunes. I believe I went under the file and clicked on "clean up duplicates. I can't find anything in the new.

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1
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    Heres what i found




    And make sure you read the note on the bottom of that link.

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    Thank you. I'll see what I can do with it. I really appreciate your help and your quickness on replying!!

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    Sorry that was for itunes 10.

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    Maybe clicking view then duplicates.

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    View > Show Duplicates


    or Alt+ View > Show Exact Duplicates

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    I had already tried this. Doesn't work for me. Only way I know is to go in and manually delete 110 songs. I was hoping there was another way!!

    So I guess I will manually go in and delete. I've got another question. On old Itunes, every time I download a song when you click "info" it says "low complexity" and there was an option of creating it to a MPEG-1, Layer 3. Now there's not. There's an option of creating a AAC version which I did but now I have two and both say low complexity????? I'm really confused with this new format. I'd appreciate any help. You have to speak baby talk to me because I'm not at an intelligent "tech level" as you guys are. Thanks!!

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    Well mpeg 1 layer 3 is the same as mp3. If that helps.

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    To create a song to mp3 which is mpeg1 layer 3.


    Go to itunes, edit, preferences,general, import settings, import using, mp3.

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    According to my past experience, mp3 encoder provided by Apple is rather inferior (Apple promotes AAC format only). So I downloaded latest source code of open-source LAME encoder (version 3.99, http://sourceforge.net/projects/lame/), compiled and installed it on my iMac and use it together with iTunes script plugin iTunes-LAME (version 2.0.9-34, http://code.google.com/p/blacktree-itunes-lame/).


    I hold back updating from iTunes 10.7 to iTunes 11.0.1 as I am not sure whether old script such as iTunes-LAME still work in problematic new iTunes 11.0.1. Could someone confirm that most old scripts still work in iTunes 11.0.1 ?

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    This is a View context option. I am using iTunes 11.0.1, Mountain Lion.


    Here is how you can see all duplicate songs (or just ones for an album)


    Select the Songs  mode from the tool bar in the iTunes window. You will see choices for Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres, ....


    Then, using the top Tools bar (where the File, Edit, View, ... options are listed), Select the "View" option.

    It will show you what View "context" (or mode) you are in (look in the second section).


    In the image below, I am using the "View all songs mode" which causes sonds to be listed in the iTunes window, and the option to "Show Duplicates" flag appears in the menu. If you select Show Duplicates, then you will see the duplicates and the option is replaced by the View all Songs option. The two never appear together.