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Hello everyone.


I have had one Apple ID that I have shared with my family. I have been the care taker of said Apple ID but soon I will be leaving for college so I wanted my parents to have there own ID. I had them set up an Apple ID and I am looking for a way to transfer all the media from my ID to theirs. I dont want them to purchase music and apps that I already own. Is this at all possible? If so, how?


Thanks in Advance

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    You canot transfer the purchases from 1 Apple ID to another. I assume if you are leaving for college you will have your own computer or are they getting a new computer?


    Any way if they are keeping the computer you originally used it will be authorised to play content purchased with your ID. They need to ensure that the computer is authorised with their new id. All your Apple content will still be playable.


    For you new content you need to copy all the content from the old computer to the new content.




    Then authorise your new computer with your Apple ID and you will all be able to play the content but your new purchases will now only show up on your new machine.

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    We do have two computers. One for me, one for them.


    So all of my content can be played on their computer as long as it is authorized. I get that but will they be able to put that content onto their own devices?

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    Yes I have a similar set up at home. We have content from 2 Apple IDs on both our imac and Macbook pro. Both machines are logged into different Apple ID's and can sync any content with the Devices

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    Awesome, thank you so much