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After upgrading to OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), the Mac in our Print Shop needed to have its printer driver updated to be able to send files to a Canon ImagePress C6000 document printer. Going out to the Canon website, I see no less than a dozen different named drivers, all compatible in one degree or another with Snow Leopard and Lion. The very latest driver, UFRII_v2.43, was a no-go after an install. Talking to a Help Desk tech was also fruitless, since he couldn't promise that any particular one would work for me. PS_v3.40 and PPD_V3.35 (the next two in the long list) seem to offer more promise, since those at least look like driver names I'm familiar with and were created after a Software advisory warning of incompatibilies with 10.7 (Lion).


I'm trying to work smart and not hard on this. Does anyone have any experience with this document printer or can provide a better clue as to what sort of driver would probably work? We can call in a tech if necessary, but it seems like the sort of problem we could handle on our own—if we knew which driver is the proper one.


Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can lend!

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    See if you can find the driver here:


    Printer and Scanner software available for download:



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    Thanks for looking in and the tip. Possibly, there's something I'm doing wrong in the set-up, since I've visited the Canon driver page the link directs me to. I have the latest MacOS 10.6.8 Software Update, too, so I may have to revisit the Canon drivers that are already installed.

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    Canon had the imagePress C6000 driver we needed on their site. The download we needed was the PPD_V3.35_Mac.zip, for anyone wanting to know. This should have good drivers for a variety of Canon printers through MacOS 10.7.3


    So, when adding the Canon imagePress C6000 driver, we had to:


    1. Download the print driver from the Canon.


    2. After the downloaded PPD_V3.35_MAC folder unzipped, we located the correct driver (CNPRC60X1.PPD.gz) in the correct subfolder (MacOS X > iPR C6000)


    3. We physically placed the CNPRC60X1.PPD.gz driver in the Library > Printers > PPDs > Contents > Resources folder.


    4. Then opened the System Preferences > Print & Fax


    5. In the Printers columnm, we clicked the '+' to add a new printer.


    6. Under 'IP' we used the the Line Printer Daemon Protocol and added the IP Address for the C6000 in the 'host name' line. For the 'Queue', we selected 'hold.' We also gave the C6000 a name and for 'Print Using' we browsed to the driver we installed through the 'Select other software' option.


    This gave us a connection to send the files (Adobe InDesign and PDFs) to the printer and hold them in a queue. (Otherwise, they print directly without allowing the use of any of the C6000's document handling features.) From the queue, the operator was able to set up special parameters for utilizing the features of the C6000.


    I hope this helps someone else, though our case and solution was pretty specific.