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So basically I just bought a whole TV series from iTunes in HD (Sherlock, if that matters at all). I tried to watch episodes but they're BEYOND choppy and absolutely impossible to enjoy. So after a bit of research I found the problem.. my laptop doesn't have the requirements to play 1080p (or 720p?) videos. It is an HP 32-bit laptop with a 1.67 GHz processor.


Is there a way to watch these videos anyway? I've tried converting them to a lower resolution (480p) using converters I found online but it never works. Help.. Thanks.


Edit: Here it says that if my computer does not meet the requirements (2.0 GHz), I won't even be able to purchase the movies. Very strange since they let me purchase it.

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    I have the same problem.  My laptop is slightly faster (1.86 ghz).  Itunes let me pay for and download videos even though my computer supposedly doesn't meet the specs  (in my case, the season pass for Fringe in SD).  Videos playback extremely choppy, sometimes making them unwatchable.  I can get them to play better in Quicktime, but the audio/video is horribly out of sync.