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I work with a young man who has sight and other sensory issues,

Although the iphone does have excellent accessibility options, they require good dexterity and coordination.

Siri is currently the only way he can use his phone.

He can call, play music and together we are accessing online learning through iTunes U.

It'd be great if he were able to do more with Siri.

Here are some questions/suggestions;


Is Siri capable of changing to and from AirPlay?

Can Siri work with apple tv?

Can Siri play iTunes U?

Is Siri able to take an audio note?

Is Siri capable of reading your own notes to you?

Is there an app that may do a similar job?


Also is there a way to stop the search page to the left and stop the notification centre?

Does guided access work only inside an app? Ideally could it not work on the home screen or on Siri mode only?


I seem to remember io6 introduced a car mode of some sort? Deactivating the screen?

Can that be activated without comparable cars, is it even available yet?


His iphone has really improved his life and increased his independence,

it'd be great if he could do even more.


Thanks for your attention,


Mark Evans