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I am trying to print from an older OS 9 program (Microsoft Works 3.0), which I still use for certain functions.

The computer is a Powermac G4, also running OS X 10.4.

I have the printer (a Canon MX860) connected directly to it via USB and also connected as a network printer via a direct ethernet connection to my router.

I can get the printer to print from OS X programs just fine, using the drivers supplied by Canon.

I can sort of get it it to print from OS 9.

But when I try to print from OS 9, the print comes out very light, and in pastel colors, rather than black.

I can't find a way to change the color settings in OS 9 (I am running OS 9 in Classic, not actually booting up in it).

I can get my program to choose my printer by using "page setup" ion the program I am using, but I cannot get the printer name to appear in the "chooser", so I can't select it there. I also can't find a way to add my printer to the the chooser.

It seems OS 9 has limited functionality when it comes to adding printers while in classic.

I have also tried downloading OS 9 software from Canon: they don't offer any.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Is there a generic OS 9 printer driver I could install that would give me more control over printer settings?

I don't want to print in color: just text, in black.