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Over the last few days I'm having strange problems starting up programs. They seem to hang for a while. Often I'll get the spinning colour disk that says my Mac is working hard.


It usually happens when I quit out of one program and start another. It gets really bad if I'm running several programs at once. For example if I start up Skype, Mail and Safari at the same time


Some of the games I play occasionally hang and the sound to them starts to skip like an old fashioned vinyl record. They start again after a few seconds


Earlier I was watching videos on YouTube and every so often the picture would stop but the sound would continue. After a few seconds the picture would fast forward to the point it was actually playing.


I've done a hardware check, a virus check and a disk check. All have come back clean.


It's starting to worry me, that this might be a sign my Mac, is dying on me. I'm on disability and fixing this could be more than my finances could handle.


Thanks in advance.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 21.5 inch, Mid-2010