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I am trying to share jpeg photos with my cousin for a geneology project (she is using Windows 7). I have labeled the photos in Apeture and given them a version name, and then a title (with all the people identified) but when I export them to share with her, none of the titles go with the photos - i.e. under "more information" the title is missing and only dimensions and device information is listed. What am I missing? Where did they go?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Are you trying to get the metadata included with the image when you export it or are you trying to get the metadata to display on the image?


    If the first make sure you have the Include Metadata checkbox selected in the export preset.


    If you want to have the metadata displayed on the image you will need to use a plugin like BorderFX


    If it's something else post back and describe what you are trying to do in more detail.



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    I am trying to get the metatdata included with the image when I export it : listed under "More Info", then Title. As you said, I have the metadata checkbox selected and if/when I export it toa new file on my computer I see the title and information just fine. When my cousin opens the image on her Windows she see the file name, but no title name.

    We did a test - she sent me a photo from her computer complete with title - I got it and saw the title fine. I sent THE SAME image back to her and the TITLE is blank.


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    1.  Are keywords retained in files you send to each other?

    2.  Is there any information in the Title field other than the names you want linked to the files?

    3.  Why did you choose to use the Title field?

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    1. I don't know as we didn't try that - she is not here with me now, so can't try it although I could email her and see (I'll do that) BUT . . . . .

    2. yes, there are sometimes dates, or the names of places or an event and there are thousands of names, places, etc. - that's why I didn't or wouldn't want to put them in my "faces" or in my keywords and they are OLD (and yes, dead for the most part) realatives, not ones I currently want to communicate with.

    3. I didn't know what else to use and it works so nice from MY end - I can see it all, but trying to share them now is a different story.

    Sure appreciate you trying to help me sort this out!

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    Another thought - I still have thousands more to go - do you have another suggestion for a field (other than Title) that would be better to use for what I'm doing?

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    How is she looking at the images on the Windows PC? How are you looking at the images once exported from Aperture?


    Unfortunately metadata imbedded in images like this is not an exact science. Each manufacture tends to play fast and loose with the metadata and IPTC fields and you can get incompatibilities like you are seeing here.


    If when the file is returned to the Mac and you look for and see the metadata you imbedded then there isn't a problem in function but a problem in compatibility. So again how is she looking at the images on the PC? We be able to find some way to work around the problem.


    Other possibilities exist if a workaround can;t be found such as exporting the metadata separately to a text file but hopefully it won;t come to that.

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    As a test you could set a bunch of the IPTC metadata fields with the name of the field and send her that image. When she opens it she can tell you which fields she sees and what the fields name was when you set it.


    You might find a field you can both see which you can then use.

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    I just wanted you to know I spent a good amount of time at the Apple store yesterday and I'm meeting my cousin tomorrow with a flash drive of the jpegs in question.We will continue to use all your suggestions to ferrot this out!!! It's taken some time to try everything and isolate the issues - After tomorrow I will have a report. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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    Just an update - I was unable to find a windows "software" that was able to read the information I wanted to share from Apeture, not to say it isn't be possible if someone (else) wants to spent LOTS more time than I did.  I'm so thankful that in my situation the person I needed to share information ended up buying a Mac and got Apeture - so now we are set. Don't honestly think there is much better solution. I'm lucky!