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I purchased a movie in HD thru itunes on my iphone 5 and can watch it on my iphone with no problem. The movie shows up in my itunes account but i cannot get it to transfer to my ipad. What am I missing?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi
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    From what I can tell from this tech spec, the iPad 3 does not support HD video playback:

    iPad (3rd generation) - Technical Specifications


    Contrasting what is in the spec above to the 4th generation iPad, I see the 4th gen does specify HD video playback.


    So I think that's the issue.  You will have to load the SD version of the video on your iPad.

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    By way of contrast, here's the 4th gen iPad tech spec:

    iPad (4th generation) - Technical Specifications

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    My ipad is the latest generation. I was beginning to think the problem was with my PC computer with is several years old. I have a GoPro camera and the PC couldn`t deal with playing the 1080 video that the camera records in. I bought a lap top specifically for GoPro use. It`s possible to share your itunes account with another computer isn`t it? Thought maybe i should try using my lap top and see what happens.


    I`m confused with the reference to 3rd & 4th generation ipads. Isn`t the newest ipad the 3rd generation?

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    The third generation iPad came out (in the U.S.) in March, 2012.  The fourth generation came out in late October, 2012.  The fourth generation has the lightning to USB connector, while the third generation has the 30-pin to USB connector.


    You can share parts of your iTunes library with another computer.  On the computer you're sharing with, just go to Store > Authorize This Computer and allow your Apple ID's files to be accessed.

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    Thanks for your reply! I didn`t realize there had been a change with new ipad. Mine was purchased mid summer and has the 30 pin connector. I`m satisfied to know that my problem is likely a hardware issue and not something I`m doing wrong! I think I will purchase another movie in SD, not HD and try this again. I bet it will transfer fine.... Thanks again for the education!