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    It very hard to explain but I used both disk verify and apple hardware test.

    In fact I'm runnin a FRESH OS X at the time and it's doing just fine.

    Right now I'm working on finding out what is wrong.

    All I will say right now.

    Is that both te external hard drive And the hard drive in the laptop are not faulty. My OS that was on the laptop at first has been trasfered to a Partion on the external drive.

    By the looks the OS can't start even if its ok the external hard drive. Confirming that there are not faulty drives.

    Or hardware. Since a fresh Mac OS X verisimilitude can run just fine and function just fine.

    And it leaves me to think its a file that is in it that is causing the faulty OS.

    Kinda like a virus. You need to find it somewhere in the computer. But instead of it being a virus. It's a broken / Corrupted file that is loaded and crashes the startup.

    Here is one thing you should know. The crash happened exactly right when the login screen for OS X mountain lion is to show up...

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    It sounds like you have solved your problem, then. There is no point in trying to identify which files were damaged. Something in that system was corrupt, that's certain, although its a bit of a puzzle why reinstalling the system on top of the damaged system didn't fix it. In any case, just copy your data into the new, fresh system (preferably without using Migration Assistant or Setup Assistant... do the job manually, since you don't know what else might have been corrupt, like settings files in your user account and whatnot). Then delete the corrupt system from the external drive and use that for backups. You'll want to be vigilant about backups, as it's still entirely possible that the internal hard drive is failing and files will continue to become corrupt.

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    Belive it I not. I thought if that exact idea in my shower this morning.

    So I'm current ly doing that.

    Here is a status of the drives:


    External hard drive:

    Partition 1 - fresh Mac OS X for moving files

    Partition 2 - old and broken Mac OS X


    On the to do list:


    Hard drive:

    Partition 1 - fresh OS X


    I plan to move te following files off the external hard drive and into the laptop hard drive:






    And a pointless license agreement

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    Solution found!


    First of all I did was move the files on the HD onto the external hard drive.

    Then I made 2 partitions on the external hard drive.

    One partition has the OS.

    On the other partition you go into Internet recovery and reinstall OS X on the 2nd partition.

    Then I installed a brand new OS X on the HD in the laptop via Internet recover too and then moved the following files in the old backup if the hard drive into the fresh OS X:







    Now it won't work yet.

    You need to then reopen Internet recovery. And then click on reinstall OS X and do it to the HD on the laptop. Then boom. It's working. All it needs now is a Couple of updates and you ready to work!


    To get into Internet recovery:

    When the system is off. Press the power button.

    As soon as you hear the startup chime or see the screen turn on, hold down te following keys until a gloab appears on the screen:

    Command ( apple ) + option ( alt ) + r

    Then you let it load the Internet recovery files off the internet and boom you in Internet recovery.


    If you read this disscussion and have problems at startup, do this exactly IF. Your problem is mostly completely similar to my problem.

    To make sure. Read the whole first post at the top to make sure this is the right solution.

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    crazy "solution" and inefficient. Let Thomas explain why if he has the time for it.

  • alexanderfromcalgary Level 1 (0 points)

    Well as crazy as it sounds. As long as it fixed it. I don't need any explaining. But if you insist. Give him some time.

    Anyway I have to go. Be back later

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    I've got to agree with Lex. Why would you bother copying portions of the damaged system back onto the fresh system, then reinstall a second time on top of that? That's just ridiculous. Like you're trying to create potential problems and extra work for yourself. If it works fine after what you did, it's pure luck!


    The proper thing to do would have been:


    1) Install fresh new system

    2) Reconfigure settings the way you like

    3) Copy data only (no settings files, no applications or application data and most definitely no parts of the old system) to the new system

    4) Reinstall applications from scratch

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    Actually I found out the tis fix may bring it back into working but however it made os x HIGHLY unstable...

    But I have an idea to redo things mannually

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    that's what i plan to do today.

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    Ok guys lucky me! I found the backups sparse bundle on my time capsule. It backed up the day before I left for holidays and before whatever happened occured. But although thanks for all of your suggestions and help


    But I still want to figure out what the **** happened during the holidays that just complete;y broke my laptop. and for sure why reinstalling OS X didn't fix it..

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