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    Thanks - so it will take some time as I am not the best horse here, but I will let you know and yes, i am sure the Home Computer 2 might be a memory eater here...hope to have news tomorrow.

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    Hi sorry - I am not dead - we just had everyone having the flu here - so I did ignore my storage problem here. I will call tomorrow LaCie Hotline - if we can solve it super - if not I will buy a TimeCapsule and starting the back up of Home Computer and my laptop from scratch - so will keep you posted! Hope no flu there in Florida;)

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    GeryAT wrote:


    Hi sorry - I am not dead - we just had everyone having the flu here -

    Eeeek!  My sympathies. 



    Hope no flu there in Florida

    There is a lot, but I've avoided it (so far, anyhow). 


    Good luck!

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    I gave up on the LaCie (the LaCieSupport was taking too much time to even get on the phone) so I decided to order a new TimeCapsule and sell my LaCie finally on the Swiss Ebay....on Friday the pretty new thing in the house will be delivered - and I will aski your kelp when I try to back up my laptop as well as the Mac of my husband - maybe it's simple, but if not I am glad you sit there in Florida without flu

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    Ah, good!


    I'm assuming you'll want to replace the Airport with the TC?  If so, you'll set it up just like the Airport -- the only real difference is, the TC is somewhat larger, to accommodate the HD, and has additional settings for it.  Otherwise, it works the same way.


    You could use the Airport to extend your wireless network, if you have places that don't get good connections.  If you're interested in that, here's one of Apple's better support articles, with lots of definitions, diagrams, and instructions:  Wi-Fi base stations: Extending the range of your wireless network by adding additional Wi-Fi base stations.



    But, set up the TC (and Airport, if you'll be using both) and get your network working before starting backups. 


    When you do start backing-up, do the first, full backup for one Mac, connected via Ethernet if at all possible, then switch to the other one. 


    (No flu . . . yet )

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    yes you are right - I will replace the existing Airport with the TC and yes since the last attempt to find the LaCie I am able to attach the laptop via Ethernet there - so I will make step by step and hopefully you just get a success-thumbUp mail Friday - stay healthy

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