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Hey guys!


i'm really having a problem with my apple mobile device..

whenever i connect my cable to my computer WITHOUT the apple mobile device support file/program..my ITOUCH can sync and it WORKS!

but ITUNES doesnt sync in with my itouch because ITUNES doesn't work without the apple mobile device support program.. SO...

  • i reinstalled my ITUNES
  • i reinstalled my mobile device support file/program
  • i even  changing it to AUTO (what they said about control panal, program, service, thingy)
  • I RESTARTED everything.. i think i did almost everything there is in apple support!

with NO LUCK! was it able to connect my computer.. UNLESS i take the apple mobile device support program OUT! @.@


i really need your help guys D:


P.S i dont have a Virus! i have a really good computer that is stable, so i'm certain i dont have a virus doing this.. but do you happened to know why it's causing this? Also how can i fix it?


BTW.. IT IS A CODE 52 i don't know what that means..



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