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I recently migrated Adobe CS3 from an older iMac to a new one running OS10.8.2. I know, migration was probably a bad idea. All of the apps run fine except for Dreamweaver, which gives an dialogue box saying "65016", and hten another empty dialogue box before quitting. I have only been able to find nebulous mentions of a confugurations folder, another mention of Java runtime, and another mention of Rosetta. I know nothing can be done about Rosetta, and I am unclear as to how the other things affect the program. Installed the latest version of Java, and it still won't run.


I attempted to unistall Dreamweaver, but the installer app on the DVD won't run. It give the message, "Missing resources," when I try to run it. Is Dreamweaver salvageable, or is it time to update?

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    Time to upgrade it if you need it...




    Might work in 10.7, but not 10.8

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    Anger44 wrote:


    I know nothing can be done about Rosetta...   


    Do something about Rosetta: Install Snow Leopard (with Rosetta) into Parallels:




    Aldus Freehand.png

                                  [click on images to enlarge]


    Full Snow Leopard installation instructions here:



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    Hey Anger,


    I was trying to resolve this proble myself today... and discovered a way to fix it.  Here is what I did and it opens now: 

    1. Drag adobe dreamweaver application folder to the trash and empty trash.
    2. On my original Imac I sent the folder from "Applications" "Adobe Dreamweaver CS3" via Airdrop.... And I downloaded it to my Imini
    3. Put the folder into the application location... and opened the program... it worked!!!

    Hope it helps your situation, and can help others.

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    I had the same problem. I believe the problem is that Dreamweaver is trying to build site maps as it opens and the migration to the new mac does not take into consideration that the site maps will be changed based on the name of the new mac.


    I used TImeMachine and restored an older Dreamweaver Application folder (The whole thing.) Then it opened like a charm and asked to rebuild site maps on my sites.