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I bought a new iPad and wish to give my first one to a friend.  How do I transfer my account?

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    Transfer purchases from your current iPad into iTunes on your computer and then backup the iPad and sync one last time.


    Transfer purchases.



    How to backup and restore from a backup



    After you have done that - activate the new iPad. You will be given the opportunity to restore from a backup during activation and that is what you want to do. Select the iTunes backup from which to restore - connect your iPad to your computer and restore from the iPad backup and sync with iTunes.


    Your new iPad should be a clone of the old one - except you will have to enter passwords again on the new iPad. When you restore from a backup to a new device - passwords are not restored to the device.



    When you have finished setting up your new iPad and you are satisfied that everything transferred and it is set up to your satisfaction, erase the old iPad in Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and settings. Some users recommend signing out of your ID on the iPad first and if you want to do that go to Setting>Stores (or iTunes and App Stores in iOS 6)>Apple ID. Tap your ID and sign out, then erase the iPad.