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I want to edit the way plugins show up in Logic. I realize that there is no official feature to do this inside of Logic, but is there a way to do this by editing a specific preference file? There are some plugins that I use which I really love, but the way some developers name them is very annoying.

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    No it is not possible. And you can also not re-arrange the order in the plugin popup window either.


    There is one workaround (Instruments plugins only), not perfect but better than nothing.


    • Load an Instrument Plugin
    • Save it as a Channel Strip Setting
    • Open the Library window in Logic (while the Channel Strip button is selected on the Channel Strip)
    • Every Channel Strip Setting that you create will be saved as a little cat file in the Finder. You can rename them to force a specific sorting order.


    This is the path to the FInder location in your user directory









    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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    Thanks for the reply, that's very dissapointing though. This may be a good option for some, but not very practical if for example, you want to change a virtual instrumen on a channel that has effect plugins loaded on the inserts. When changing the channel presets all of the inserts will be unloaded.


    Why can't Apple give the "AU Manager" the ability to actually manage plugins? Edit, rename, and organize functions would be really nice. I mainly just can't stand how some developers name their products. I would love to edit things and take out the fluff that just makes things look so messy.

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    As I said, it is not perfect.


    Go to Logic's feedback page and let them hear about your  feature request. I requested that feature back in 2005 when I switched from Cubase, which could do that.

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    Just sent a request via the form. Thanks.