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My two year old MacBook Pro has a malicious replicating virus we can't seem to clean- when I go on line on the INTERNET it automatically seeks a IP and then fills the HDD with duplicate files- how can I fix this

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), iOS 6.0.2
  • thomas_r. Level 7 (30,717 points)

    This is not a symptom of any known Mac malware. (See my Mac Malware Guide.)


    What are these duplicate files, and where are they? How are you identifying that your machine "seeks an IP?" Seeks an IP how?

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    The AFL-CIO IT Department has my machine and they are trying to clean the virus- the IT technician told me that the Corporate firewall is blocking access but my machine is infected- I had virus protection but the first indication of a problem was an error message telling me to free up HDD space- my HDD was completed filled with duplicated files- I ordered a new 1 TB WD Scorpino Blue HDD - I am thinking if they can clean the OEM HDD to the point where they can trust the OS a new HDD clean will solve the problem-

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    Do you have a application that is crashing and filling your disk up with crash log files?  Like Thomas, I don't recognize your description as being caused by any sort of malware I've heard of.

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    Not that I am aware of-

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    Does your company's IT department support Macs? If so, I'm not sure I would trust them to clean out the "virus" if that's their first suggestion for a full hard drive. That's a sign that they don't know much about Macs. If they don't support Macs, I wouldn't advise you to let them anywhere near your machine.


    You keep referring to duplicate files...  what are they called, and where are they found? That information is vital if you want any assistance here.


    As to the corporate firewall blocking access... blocking access to what? Find out what IP address is being blocked, if it's blocking access to a specific IP address. We really need a lot more information than you're giving us. I hate to leave you entirely in the hands of an IT department that is, from the sounds of it, unlikely to be able to solve your problem, but we won't have any choice without better information.