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Hi gang,


I have an iPhoto library that has become corrupted.  I am using iPhoto Library Manager (ILM) to repair the library.  Unfortunately, during the repair process, I am frequently getting "out of space" errors from iPhoto, and so ILM does not copy over all of the photos into the new library.  There is lots of space on the HD (free space > 2x the size of the library).  One suggestion was to fix the permissions in the iPhoto library.  I used the Repair Permission function in iPhoto (opt-command when starting app).  iPhoto complains that there are permission errors and offers to fix them.   iPhoto repairs the permissions, then opens normally. However, when I reopen iPhoto using the same technique, and use the Repair Permission function, iPhoto again suggests that there are permission errors and offers to repair them.  I don't seem to be able to get iPhoto to successfully repair the broken permissions. 


Currently the library is hosted on an external HD that is formatted OS Extended and Journaled.  I am using iPhoto 9.4.2.


Any suggestions?



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