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So I recently had to install the latest version of iTunes after I upgraded to the newest version of iOS on my iPhone 4 (iOS 6.0.1) because the older iTunes version wasn't compatable with the newest iOS version. I had been using a much older version of iTunes becuase every time I would update the iTunes store without fail would stop working. I spent almost an entire day trying to fix it like 6-8 months ago and I finally got it to work with one of the older versions, which was why I was mad that I had to update it again.


Anyways, the iTunes store will not load at all. Everytime I open up iTunes on my computer (I have Windows Vista) and I try to go to the iTunes store, it never loads. It keeps saying "Accessing iTunes Store" (see image). I have tried to wait it out, but nothing ever changes.

iTunes store image.jpg

I have already tried reinstalling iTunes and tried reinstalling the newest version, neither of which helped. I also tried what they suggested at http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4123 but the only item that came up under the Winsock Providers tab was the Apple one.


Not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?

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    The screenshot shows the classic LSP trouble symptoms ... but if no entries are appearing in Autoruns other than the Bonjour entries, then we might be looking at damage to the Winsock key(s) rather than a conflict.


    If that's what is afoot, we might be able to clear the key(s) manually.


    Let's try wiclee's instructions from the following post:


    Re: i cannot connect to itunes on my laptop

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    I can't understand why you are referring us to a different post focusing on the same problem that never got resolved.  That's exactly like saying, "Hey, try this.  It didn't work either.  Good luck!"

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    That's exactly like saying, "Hey, try this.  It didn't work either.  Good luck!"


    It's the high-percentage play with the particular symptom set being reported. High-percentage implies that it doesn't work for some people. (Otherwise it'd be a 100% play.) So, it still makes sense for people to try it, even if it doesn't work for some people, because it does work for most people. Check other posts by wiclee using that set of instructions to get a better feel for the reliability of the advice in these circumstances. (Granted, that's a bit tricky given that only about 10-20 percent of people report back to say whether or not any advice (on any given topic) actually works.)