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I recently imported some new audio in to FCE. When I previewed it, the audio played fine however when I added it into the timeline there was a strange clicking/tapping noise playing with the audio? It is in MP3 format and I've never had a problem with using MP3 format in FCE before? If the audio format needs to be changed how do I do it?

Final Cut Express 4, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    You can convert the audio to the correct format for FCE by using Quicktime 7.

    Open the MP3 file in Quicktime 7 and then go to the menu File > Export.

    From the drop down menu on the Export pane, choose Sound to AIFF.

    Click the Options Button and once the options pane opens choose:

    QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz001.png

    Click OK, then save  the exported file to a location of your choosing.

    Import the file you just converted into FCE and you should be good to go.